More Darksiders 3 Story Information Revealed Through Gameplay Video

Despite being scheduled for a 2018 release, THQ Nordic has been releasing a steady stream of game information. A recent IGN interview with the developers sheds some more light on Darksiders 3 story and lore.

In the interview, Gunfire Games’ president David Adams discussed the Darksiders 3 story, visual aesthetics and combat elements as well as how these things will differ from the previous two games.

While the gameplay footage shown wasn’t new and has already been revealed, Gunfire Games, the developers of Darksiders 3, did break down everything in the footage down to minor details. The footage starts with Fury in an area called Haven.

Adam also confirmed that while the Whip is Fury’s main weapon, players will be able to unlock and wield others as they progress through the Darksiders 3 story. Since Fury is also a mage, players will have an arsenal of magical powers as well besides weapons. The Darksiders 3 story is not really a sequel to the franchise and instead runs more along the lines of parallel events.

As Fury, players will be sent down to earth to hunt and capture the Seven Deadly Sins, each of which has their own distinctive and highly detailed areas representing the specific Sin players are currently trying to capture.

The fact that it is not a proper sequel in the franchise which many fans had been hoping for is somewhat disappointing but if someone loved the combat and puzzles of the previous two games, just the release of a new game in the franchise should be enough reason to keep an eye out on Darksiders 3.

Darksiders 3 is currently scheduled for an unknown release window in 2018 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Gunfire Games has already released PC requirements for the game which is surprising since the game is almost a full year away. More information is expected from the upcoming E3 2017 event.