Battlefield 1 Roots Initiative Lists Changes for Muzzle Smoke, Melee, and Recoil

A month after its announcement, the Battlefield 1 Roots Initiative has already formulated a long list of changes that will be addressed in upcoming patches.

Posting on Reddit, the developer confirmed that it will be reducing the amount of muzzle smoke generated from firing certain weapons in order to increase visibility. The bullet-spread from automatic firing is being reduced globally for more accuracy, but recoil penalties will be increased to make weapons harder to control.

The Battlefield 1 Roots Initiative is also adjusting melee mechanics to make it a bit harder for players. The cross-hair must be accurately placed on the target for a successful melee take-down. The Bayonet charge is being tweaked for a longer wind-up time before the player starts rushing. In addition, the developer will be allowing players to bind the charge to a different key to separate it from normal melee attacks.

Earlier this month, the Community Test Environment (CTE) gave a small boost when charging as well as removing damage reduction while in the phase. It appears that DICE is very interested in adding more options to the melee category.

With the weapons and melee mechanics done, the developer has moved on to gathering feedback on Suppression and Destruction. There is still no word on when the first batch of changes for the Battlefield 1 Roots Initiative will arrive for live servers.

The goal of the initiative is to improve some of the core gameplay elements as well as mechanics to be more satisfying and rewarding. DICE is essentially revamping the game just six months after its official release.

The Battlefield 1 Roots Initiative arrives on the back of the recent Ammo 2.0 changes, which adjusted the resupply timers for grenades and ammo. DICE has also been busy working on overall game balance and network quality, as well as arrays to promote team-play or objective-focused players.