Is Alan Wake 2 Happening? Remedy Drops a Bombshell

Alan Wake 2 is something we all would love to see but the Remedy CEO has dropped strong hints that nothing of sorts is in the works and it may actually never happen, same is the case with Quantum Break. The last time we heard of Alan Wake 2 is when Sam Lake asked us to look for hints in Quantum Break.

CEO Tero Virtala explained that the company likes to invest in games with great stories that they preserve and continue in the future. However, with Alan Wake and Quantum Break, this didn’t work. His statement is a strong indication that Alan Wake 2, no matter much the community wants it, it may not happen anytime soon or not at all.

If we make an excellent game – and that’s a massive investment – we would like to preserve the possibility that we can then continue those stories in future games as well. With Alan Wake and Quantum Break, that didn’t work. Based on our past experiences, we have seen that it’s really difficult. The decision is not in our hands unless the brand stays in our hands.

Alan Wake 2 rumors took flight last year when Quantum Break released. There was a live-action video called Alan Wake’s Return hidden inside a TV in Quantum Break, along with easter eggs from Alan Wake. This sparked the debate for the return of our favorite Remedy hero.

Remedy Entertainment is working on something called P7. It was assumed that this game is nothing but Alan Wake 2. However, the developers made it clear that this is not the case.

Source: GameIndustry