SEGA To Revive Its Dormant IPs, Plans To Acquire New IPs And Launch “Big Hits”

Sega has been making quite a buzz by bringing its console exclusive titles to PC like Bayonetta and the upcoming Vanquish. However, the company is no mood of stopping here as Sega plans to continue to create moving experiences and plans to release big hits for consoles.

During the recent earnings call, Sega revealed its plans for the future in the game industry. According to the company, it plans to “continue to create moving experiences” with a vision to be the game changer. The company plans to reach at least 300 billion yen in yearly sales and 30 billion yen in operating income.

In addition to this, the company plans to focus on select titles and launch games to be “big hits” rather than medium hits. Sega intends to focus its investment on promising titles, by reinforcing their promotion. These plans include the company changing its business focus from device-centric to IP-centric.

Furthermore, the company aims to revive its dormant IPs, in addition to expanding the existing ones and acquiring new IPs for North American and European PC games. It is important to note that the company said PC games so these games might be PC exclusive but that is an extreme long shot.

The acquisition of Crytek Black Sea might be part of the company’s plans for the future. Following the closure the of 5 Crytek studios due to financial problems, Sega was quick to acquire the aforementioned studio and merged it with Creative Assembly.

Source: Dualshockers