Report: Beenox is Apparently Working on a New Call of Duty, Nintendo Switch’s Equivalent of Black Ops Declassified?

Beenox Studio was created back in 2000 and is currently located in Quebec City. The studio took no time to gain the attention of the industry, winning 35 different awards since its creation. Beenox develops games for pretty much all consoles. However, the studio mostly works on remasters and ports for Activision.

The Canadian developer worked on the Wii U and Wii versions of Skylanders: SuperChargers and the two Amazing Spider-Man games for Wii U, and has other ports to its name. However, the developer is yet to work on its very own game, a game that is solely developed by this studio.

But that may change soon; Beenox posted an image on social media that sparked speculations. The image shows the development team with a couple of Canadian soldiers who visited the studio to discuss their experiences. The post also mentioned “COD” which led some to jump the gun and wildly speculated that the studio is working on a Switch port for Call of Duty: WWII.

We respectfully disagree!

To us, it makes no sense to invite war heroes to your studio and discuss their experience if you are working on a port. Secondly, Call of Duty 2017 is set in World War II so having a discussion with historians and ex-military would have resulted in a more productive discussion.

This isn’t a port, rather, a new Call of Duty game from Beenox. Call of Duty: WWII is an insanely gorgeous game that would take plenty of hardware power to run. It is unlikely that Nintendo Switch, with its custom TEGRA X1 chip, is able to run this title smoothly.

Hence, we can safely rule out a Nintendo Switch port of Call of Duty: WWII. So what could this be? Well, we do know that Activision is one of the third party developers working with Nintendo for Switch games. And COD is the biggest property Activision owns and Nintendo would love it on its machine.

However, we believe Beenox is actually working on something that is separate from WWII. Similar to what Activision did for PlayStation Vita when it released Black Ops Declassified, there is a new COD in development for Switch. Of course, there is no evidence to confirm this speculation but it is what makes the most sense right now, at least to us.

A new COD game for Switch can do wonders for Nintendo’s third party support. Such a big company showing faith in Nintendo’s hardware would attract other publishers and encourage them to bring their major IPs to Switch. Activision will be at E3 2017 so we can expect an announcement during the event.

Would you like to see a new Call of Duty for Nintendo Switch? What do you think Beenox is working on?