Sony Can Win E3 2017 With These Reveals

E3 2017 is around the corner and some of the biggest names in the gaming world are going to be there. Ubisoft, Sony, Microsoft, Bungie, Activision, Nintendo, and more companies will be present during the event. Publishers and developers are going to offer a look at their current projects, many of which are unannounced.

E3 2017 is going to be an exciting event to make sure you stay tuned as we will be covering the show in its entirety. However, today we will be taking a look the announcements that can help Sony win this E3. It is no secret that Sony won this console generation but in order to keep the momentum as well as compete with Project Scorpio, Sony needs to pull out the big guns for this event. So here are the big guns we think need to go off for Sony to put a dent into its competition.

Sony’s E3 2017 Announcements

The Last of Us Part 2 Spring 2018 Release Date

Last year at PlayStation Experience Sony revealed something really special, The Last of Us Part 2. Naughty Dog’s continuation of the 2013’s hit title. Joel and Ellie are back together and it looks like they are going to tear the house down. However, the game is still without a final release date. A Spring 2018 release would really allow Sony to tout its 2018 lineup.

God of War PS4 Early 2018 Release Date

Now for the big one, God of War! Kratos is back and he is not alone this time.  Kratos is teaming up with his son to visit Valhalla. Sony Santa Monica will show their new God of War game in June, and we do expect to see hear of a release window and what an amazing sight it would be to have an early 2018 release written all over the massive display at Sony’s press event?

Sony Publishing Death Stranding on PC

Hideo Kojima’s mind-bending sci-fi experience, Death Stranding, is coming to PlayStation 4 sometime before 2019. The last time we saw this game was at PlayStation Experience which means it is about time we see more of it. Gameplay is what we are looking for, Kojima is expected to deliver that at E3 this year. We also know that the game is a PlayStation 4 exclusive but since Microsoft targeting PC games so aggressively these days, it wouldn’t hurt Sony to get on their good side as well. What better way to do so is to announce that Sony is publishing Death Stranding on PC  as well?

Hellblade Hitting Fall 2017

Ninja Theory’s Hellblade hasn’t been in the news for a while but the game is finally in a condition to be properly showcased. E3 2017 is expected to bring big news regarding Hellblade’s release. One only hopes they can deliver on their claims with this one. The game has been without a release date for a long time and delayed on a couple of occasions. A Fall 2017 release window will is highly welcomed.

We Get Agent

Sony and Rockstar once partnered to develop a game called “Agent.” However, for a long time we have heard nothing regarding this title which is now presumably cancelled. But this is not the case, Agent is still alive and currently not in active development. Sony announcing the return of Agent can break the internet.