The Most Savage Steam Reviews We Could Find

Steam user reviews are like looking into the soul of a video game. Sometimes they are well written and detailed while other times they are rants of random fanboys. Meanwhile, some user reviews are so brilliantly hilarious that it is a crime to not through an upvote their way.

We have had many disastrous PC ports and games that were just poorly designed, to begin with. Steam pages of such games are home to some of most funny Steam user reviews ever.

So let’s see our top ten picks for what we think are really savage Steam user reviews.

Most Savage Steam Reviews


Poem title: Where are all my shots going?

Chinese like to invade.
Hackers don’t get laid.
Glitches galore.
Some “12 btw kid” said my mom’s a ♥♥♥♥♥.
Save your money for something better.
The publisher is only about the ♥♥♥♥in cheddar.

5 RNG shotgun blasts out of 10.

Dishonored 2

People without legs run better than this game.

Kerbal Space Program

Imagine is a game wasn’t a game.

Arma 3

Trash game you need to shoot someone about 4-6 times with 7.62 in the head to kill someone trash game don’t buy.


Even a locomotive from 19th century has a better engine than this.

Just Cause 3

My grandpa runs faster than this game.

Dark Souls 3

Nice relaxing game.Ideal for casual gamer.I recommend this game for casual players because of its simplicity and fun-oriented play style.

PayDay 2

#1 A love story of 4 men and their inability to buy a drill that works properly.

2# Buy a DLC to unlock this review.

Batman: Arkham Knight

If you see a PC port from Warner Brothers…


These were our picks the most savage Steam reviews, if you have any other reviews to share with us take to the comments.