League of Legends Ranks for Specific Roles; An Idea Worth Pursuing

Riot Games is interested in the idea of having separate League of Legends ranks for different roles, but “tricky problems” stand in the way.

Currently, players are ranked according to their overall skill. However, imagine doing the same but for specific roles. A person could easily flash a ranked rating or border to be easily recognized for being a good support player.

According to designer Riot GORTOK, having different League of Legends ranks for different positions would be a big improvement. Firstly, such a system would result in a more accurate matchmaking. Secondly, it would broaden the scope of rewards by giving players the freedom to pursue different roles.

However, implementation of such a system is not going to be easy. There are various issues that must be solved beforehand. League of Legends does not allow players to trade roles during the drafting phase, only champions. Hence, it is completely possible that people will end up dodging queues just because they failed to get their desired role. Someone trying to better their rank in mid would not like it if they were forced to head into the jungle. There would be no incentive of doing so.

“If we do move forward with this (nothing locked in yet!), we’re gonna have to solve these problems in stages, because making any changes to the ranking system is pretty disruptive,” explained the developer on the Nexus. “The first part is having better tracking and understanding of each player’s skill in each position, in both design and tech. When that’s in place, we’ll know how best to proceed with position ranks—as long as we can find a reasonable solution that doesn’t sacrifice the competitiveness of games.”

Riot Games is always ready to listen to feedback. This week it is asking the community to suggest ideas for a new elemental drake, which the developer hopes to introduce sometime next year.