Report: Hitman Franchise Rights Will Remain With IO Interactive, Season 2 Is Definitely Coming

Hitman franchise’s fate is hanging in the balance as Square Enix has announced that it is looking for potential investors to sell Hitman dev, IO Interactive. While fans are worried about the future of the franchise, a rumor has made its way to the internet that will prove to be a sigh of relief for the fans of Hitman franchise.

The rumor comes from Gamestar, who claims that their reliable sources have told them that rights to the Hitman franchise will remain with IO Interactive, not Square Enix. Furthermore, the report suggests that Hitman season 2 will definitely be coming and is halfway through the development and will launch sometime in 2018. IO Interactive is looking for a new publisher for the franchise.

While the site claims that the sources are absolutely reliable, take it as a grain of salt until IO Interactive makes an official statement. Also, the sources claim that IO Interactive will make a statement about this whole situation next week.

IO Interactive has confirmed the existence of Hitman Season 2. According to the devs, season 2 for the game will feature new locations and more. According to Hakan Abrak, Studio production director at IO Interactive, Hitman Season 2 will be arriving with new locations and cities along with more free content like Elusive Targets and Escalation Missions.

He further added that even though season one has ended, but that does not mean that locations in the game such as Paris or Marrakesh have become irrelevant, as more missions and events will be added. Hitman Season one progress will also be carried over to season 2 along with unlocked weapons and gears. Also, season 1 is just the beginning for the Hitman.

The story’s really only beginning [with the first season]. Season 1 is the first act in a feature film. You know all the characters, you know the stakes, you know the dilemma, but it’s only getting started.

Also, the studio is working on another unannounced new IP. According to the job listing, IO Interactive is looking for a gameplay programmer with solid experience in AI, physics, animation and game mechanics for AAA games.

Source: Gamestar