Battlefield 1 Will Receive Plenty of Free Content This Year

There is a lot of content in the works that will arrive this year for both the premium and regular players of Battlefield 1.

During its earnings call this week for the fourth fiscal quarter and fiscal year, publisher Electronic Arts highlighted the success of the game and how it plans to continue offering post-release support throughout the year.

“Every Battlefield 1 player will have more ways to play throughout the year, with continual game updates, new maps, and three more expansion packs adding new armies, regions and battlegrounds available to the whole community,” said chief executive officer Andrew Wilson.

Following up with more clarification, chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen confirmed that owners of the game’s premium pass will not be the only ones to get access to new content this year. However, he did not drop any hints to what kind of content we will be looking at and when.

Last month, the developer announced Prise de Tahure as the second new map that will take place at night. The announcement followed just a month after we came to know about Nivelle Nights.

There is no word on whether the two maps will be released exclusively for owners of the game’s premium pass. However, there is belief that DICE could make them available for regular players as well.

We are paving way to the unveiling of In the Name of the Tsar, the second expansion pack, next month. It will introduce the Russian army in Battlefield 1. Players will experience the “brutality of combat” and the “bitter cold” of the Easter Front. As always, there will be new weapons and offensive options for everyone to arm themselves with.

Battlefield 1 is the fifteenth installment in the series and boasted more than nineteen million players at the end of March, which is a fifty percent increase over Battlefield 4 for the same comparable launch period.