Thief Filmmakers Claim That a Thief 2014 Sequel Is Coming With The Film

Straight Up Films, the film company that is making the Thief licensed movie, has said that a Thief 2014 sequel will apparently be coming out alongside the movie, according to an announcement that they made on the studio’s official website. The Thief movie was announced back in 2014, the same time as the Thief reboot released.

The 2014 version of Thief was an attempt to reboot the franchise, a fifteen-year-old much-beloved series that stars Garrett, who is a master thief that lives in a city where magic and steampunk factions were at war.

The franchise won widespread critical acclaim for a variety of reasons, such as how the game took light and sound as game mechanics to force you to be stealthy, and also forced you into a first-person perspective for added challenge.

The 2014 Thief, however, received mixed reviews, mainly because of the story and map layout though praising the gameplay and replay value. If Straight Up Films is telling the truth, the Thief 2014 sequel will have the opportunity to improve on the things that the first game got wrong.

The sequel to the 2014 Thief means that Eidos Montreal, who developed and published the game, apparently thought it was successful enough, and well-received enough, that it deserved a sequel. If the story and gameplay can be improved enough that people are more willing to give the reboot another chance, the Thief 2014 sequel may actually be good.

However, considering the performance of various other movies based on video games in the last few years, a Thief movie may end up performing just as poorly. Even considering Hollywood’s love for Heist movies, the movie’s audience, much like Warcraft, may mostly be fans of the game.

Either way, we’ll have to see if we get any news of a sequel to 2014’s Thief game, and if the Thief movie actually gets made.