Rainbow Six Siege Gets Operation Health, Hong Kong DLC Delayed

Ubisoft has announced an “Operation Health” program in order to keep Rainbow Six Siege going, and improve the player experience of the game.

Rainbow Six Siege’s second season is going to be delayed by around three months so that the operation can help to improve some of the game’s pressing issues.

The operation is divided into three steps, each one focusing on a different portion of improving the game. The first segment includes the implementation of one-step matchmaking, 100% server-based features, and faster servers in general.

Step 2 deals with a three-step deployment for for new tech features, along with an on and off switch that will help Ubisoft to roll back patches if something goes wrong.

The third step is the last and shortest one, and mainly involves fixing the top reported bugs that the community reports to Ubisoft itself.

Operation Health overall seems to be doing a good thing, fixing some of the biggest technical problems before moving on to the game’s second season. However, some gamers might not enjoy that Siege’s second season, with the new maps and operators that will be coming with it, are going to be delayed.

Rainbow Six Siege Season 2 (or rather, according to Ubisoft, season 3) is supposed to be taking place in the city of Hong Kong, and will include all of Season 2’s content along with a pair of new Polish operators at the start of seasons 3 and 4. In addition to Hong Kong, South Korea will be added to the game in November.

So, if you own Rainbow Six Siege and are annoyed that you’re not going to be able to play the new content for the next three months, at least you know that Ubisoft is delaying Season 2 for the good of the game. Operation Health will be elaborated on on May 21.