Colorful IGAME Silver Shark Design Series GPUs Feature Metallic Finish And Premium Feel

Colorful is known for making GPUs that are unique and out of this world and the same can be said about the Colorful IGAME Silver Shark series. These GPUs are beefy cards from the high-end Nvidia GTX 10 series. You will find the GTX 1080 Ti, 1080 as well as 1070 in this series. The GPUs feature a metal finish that adds weight to the GPUs and gives them a premium feel and finish.

Colorful IGAME Silver Shark design series GPUs comprise of the IGAME GeForce GTX 1070 X-TOP Advanced Limited Edition, 1080 Ti VULCAN AD, and 1080 Advanced. These are all high-end GPUs that should have no problem running any game that you throw at them. All these GPUs are dual slot cards and come with a metal backplate as well.

The limited edition GTX 1070 features a minor overclock as compared to the standard edition. It has a higher base and boost clock speed. All GPUs support DX12 as well as OpenGL 4.5. All of these GPUs are Nvidia GTX 10 series GPUs powered by Pascal so you know they are powerful, plus the custom cooler ensures that temperatures will remain in check.

Details regarding the Colorful IGAME Silver Shark design series GPUs are as follows:

Colorful IGAME Silver Shark

All the mentioned GPUs feature VR support, if you are looking to get into VR and are interested in one of these GPUs then this is something that might interest you. This can also be a make or break feature looking into the future. RGB is all the craze these days and if you are into that then you will be glad to know that Colorful IGAME Silver Shark design series GPUs support this feature as well.

The Colorful IGAME Silver Shark design series GPUs are great options if you are in the market for a high-end GPU. Let us know what you think about them.