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Battlefield 1 Kill Trades Reduced in New CTE Update

Plenty of feedback has convinced the developer that the number of Battlefield 1 kill trades is too high in the current state of the game.

The gameplay mechanic was rare during the early launch months. With the release of the Spring Update last month, the netcode was improved to accept kills as long as players are able to fire their weapons before the moment of death. For example, shooting off a shotgun seconds before dying will not eliminate the pellets. Rather they will continue to follow their path, and hit enemy targets along the way for confirmed kills.

The idea has value but it was not improved upon to make pretty much every encounter result in Battlefield 1 trade kills. Hence, a new update for the Community Test Environment (CTE) reduces the amount of trades within a specific radius.

This is one change that majority of players will likely appreciate. Battlefield 1 kill trades can ensue a bit of frustration when the keep on happening more than necessary.

The complete patch notes can be read below:


  • Fixed missing default key bindings for gadget one and two.
  • Fixed issue with Key Bindings – Soldiers have the proper “Select Gadget One/Two” actions (with 3 and 4 mapped there by default) which switch to the gadget and “Toggle Gadget One/Two” actions (with dpad left/right mapped by default) which switch to the gadget and on a second button press switch back to the primary weapon
  • Fixes issue where switching from Gadget/Melee to Primary will change to Secondary with controllers.
  • Changed when the spawn delay for the BL9 Artillery triggers on Verdun in the Operations game mode. The gun now activates 5 minutes after the first player spawns instead of 5 minutes after the level loads.
  • Fixed an edge case where Tanks, Planes and Horses could spawn without weapons when deploying immediately after selecting their spawn point.
  • Fixed a problem where players could take gas/incendiary damage for a few seconds after entering a tank.
  • Fix for wrong hit indicator pop up when dying.

Network Improvements

  • Follow up on matching Server and client side latency. Make sure the ping indicator, scoreboard and netgraph show the same value Vital for server side hit detection decision and ping communication.
  • Increase maximum allowed upstream packet size. That does not mean we send more, we just allow it too in case we need it. Allows upload of more damage and also accounts for newly added bonecollision upload.
  • Tweaked values to reduce number of kill trades within 30m radius.
  • Improvements have also potentially fixed issue with not being able to continuously hit somebody even if they are standing still.

A couple of weeks back, DICE announced that it would be revamping several core gameplay aspects of Battlefield 1 with the Roots Initiative. It begins with movements of soldiers and vehicles, weapon mechanics, suppression, scoring, the HUD, communication elements, and more.