Pirates Have Salt Overdose Over Nier Automata Mod That Checks Piracy

Recently, a person on the internet known as Kaldaien released a Nier Automata mod that is intended to help address some of the issues for the game’s PC port. However, something is included in the mod that has pirates up in arms: the mod actually checks to see if you pirated the game.

If you’re one of the unlucky saps that ended up pirating Nier Automata instead of buying it like a decent person, but want to play the game with the mod installed, you’ll be able to download the mod, but won’t be able to play it.

Various developers have made numerous anti-pirate measures on their games before, with varied success, but this seems to have fulfilled its purpose very well.

Instead, the Nier Automata mod presents you with a user agreement saying that you’ve purchased the game legitimately, along with a piracy check. However, if you ended up pirating the game, you won’t be able to click past the license agreement. Instead, if you click on it, you won’t be able to continue forward.

In the mod maker’s own words, since you don’t respect the license, the mod doesn’t respect your click. So you can’t play the game with the mod, and thus you’ll be stuck playing the base game of Nier Automata.

Of course, people weren’t happy (especially pirates). Reddit and Steam threads about the Nier Automata mod were filled with people insulting the guy (many of which have since been removed).

Aside from not wanting to cater to people that can’t be bothered to buy the game, Kaldaien had other reasons for putting the agreement in and thus blocking people that pirated the game from having access to the mod. Chiefly, he didn’t want to get in trouble if people use his mod to inject other assets into the game through more pirates.