Creative Assembly Announces Total War Warhammer Lizardmen Trailer

We still don’t have a release date, but Creative Assembly has announced that a new Total War Warhammer Lizardmen trailer is going to be coming out tomorrow, showing off one of the (supposedly) three principal factions for the upcoming sequel to last year’s fantasy real-time strategy game Total War: Warhammer.

The Lizardmen are a Mayan and Incan-inspired faction that resides on the continent of Lustria, across the sea from the Old World where the first Total War: Warhammer took place. The Lizardmen, ruled by the toadlike Slann, are one of the main factions that stand against Chaos, the hordes of evil demons and humans that rule the north.

While there will be a Total War Warhammer Lizardmen trailer, they aren’t the only race that’s going to be available to play in the game. The High Elves and Dark Elves, cousins to the Wood Elves that are already in the first Total War Warhammer game, will also be playable.

The campaign of Total War Warhammer 2 will focus on the Great Vortex, a gigantic cyclone of magical energy that keeps the forces of Chaos from breaking into the world. The Lizardmen and the High Elves will be fighting to strengthen the weakening Vortex, while the Dark Elves will be trying to destroy it. The campaign will span the whole world, even between continents (though there won’t be playable naval battles.)

Players will be able to either play Total War Warhammer and Total War Warhammer 2 separately, or join them together for one gigantic campaign.

Each faction will be going about this their own way; for instance, the Lizardmen will be able to see various magical hotspots that they will have to control, giving a seemingly random quality to where they attack and invade other areas of the world. Other factions will not be able to see these magical hotspots.

So, be on the lookout tomorrow for the Total War Warhammer Lizardmen trailer when it comes out.