Report: Bioware New IP Will Feature Microtransactions

Bioware has been working on a new IP for quite some time but recently the new IP was delayed to the fiscal year 2019 instead of the previously announced the fiscal year 2018 release date. Now a new report has emerged that suggests that the new Ip from Bioware might include microtransactions.

According to the report from TweakTown, the new IP from Bioware might include microtransactions. According to the report, the new IP will be an online title powered by EA’s live services which was revealed during the recent earnings call for the company. The report suggests that since the game will be online the chances are very high that there will be microtransactions in the upcoming game.

While it has not officially confirmed but it does make sense sine EA has introduced micro-transactions in a lot of its games and recently the company revealed that it earned $1.68 Billion from its live services or 55.4% of all digital net sales. FIFA Ultimate Team’s blind-style purchase packs and Battlefield 1 season pass brought in the majority of the revenue and EA has confirmed that the same model will power BioWare’s new IP.

As I mentioned earlier, Bioware’s new IP has been delayed and since this announcement, many started to wonder if Mass Effect Andromeda’s mixed reception was the reason to delay the game. Well, EA has clarified that Mass Effect’s reception has nothing to do with the game’s delay.

Currently, nothing is known about the new IP from the studio but it is rumored to be revealed during E3 2017.

Source: TweakTown