BioWare Ditching Mass Effect Andromeda for Now, A Lesson in the Importance of Facial Animations

Mass Effect Andromeda released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It was supposed to bring Mass Effect into the new age but it failed miserably thanks to BioWare. The biggest controversy surrounding the game was its laughable facial animations that hurt reviews and sales.

The animations were so poor that the internet turned Andromeda into a meme. The game became a laughing stock which is why we are now hearing that BioWare and EA may have decided to put support for Andromeda on hold for the time being. For the company, it doesn’t make sense to keep spending money on a game that isn’t generating enough revenue to support fast-paced content development. If this is true, then Andromeda’s post-release content could take a while. Moreover, the franchise as a whole has been put on ice. There are no brainstorming going on for the next game.

Moreover, the studio has now taken a supporting role for other studios to help develop a new IP, codenamed “Dylan.”

While the primary cause of Andromeda’s demise was facial animations, the game was also criticized for lackluster story and forgettable characters. It is baffling as to how this happened. BioWare is a seasoned developer with some classics like Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age franchise under its belt.

The screw up came from the higher chain of command at BioWare. The upper level forced the development team to use a technology called “CyberScan” for facial animations. They went out of their way to stop animators from even touching the facial animations after they come out of “CyberScan,” a technology that takes human likeness and transfers that directly into the game.

The failure of Andromeda is a lesson for BioWare executives. You can not cut corners like that and hope to be successful.

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