Slightly Mad Studios’ New Game Will Be Based On A Movie Franchise

Slightly Mad Studios’ new game will apparently be based on a movie franchise, according to CEO Ian Bell. The studio, which is responsible for the Project CARS racing games, let that information be known via a post on GTPlanet. However, he didn’t say exactly what the new game would be based on.

Apparently the deal for Slightly Mad would be running over multiple years and multiple games, so we can expect to see a good number of games from that franchise in the near future. while we don’t really know what the game series would be, there are a few candidates.

Since Project CARS is a racing game, Slightly Mad Studios’ new game might be related to something like the Fast and Furious series, whose latest movie, Fate of the Furious, released a few weeks ago. While there have been other Fast and Furious games before, one was an arcade game and the others weren’t very good.

So, if Slightly Mad Studios’ new game is, in fact, Fast and the Furious, they could bring in a fairly new property, and give fans of the movies a way to, in a way, take some of the cool cars we see in the movies for a spin.

While it’s unlikely that they would be able to do the sort of crazy stuff the Fast and Furious movies are doing nowadays (such as fighting a tank on a highway or having a submarine come up underneath you while racing across a field of ice), the racing will be good at least.

The new game series likely won’t be coming out until sometime next year, considering that currently, Slightly Mad Studios is working on releasing Project CARS 2, which is supposed to be coming out later this year.

In the meantime, we’ll just have to wait and see how a new game from Slightly Mad turns out.