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Nvidia CEO Explains Why They Partnered With Nintendo Switch

Nvidia is partnering with Nintendo for Nintendo Switch. The GPU maker will offer its chips to power Switch for the entirety of its lifespan. The Tegra chips are powering Nintendo Switch. During a recent financial call, Nvidia CEO explained why they partnered with Nintendo.

He explained that consoles is not really a business for them. However, they are working with Nintendo because it made sense and the strategic alignment was good which resulted in Nvidia agreeing to join forces with Nintendo for Nintendo Switch.

the opportunity cost of building a game console is quite high. The number of engineers who know how to build computing platforms like this – and in the case of the Nintendo Switch, it’s just an incredible console that fits in such a small form factor. And it could both be a mobile gaming device as well as a console gaming device. It’s just really quite amazing, and they just did an amazing job.

NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang stated that Switch is a really innovative product and they believe in it. Nintendo Switch was released in March. Speaking during a recent investors Q&A session, Nintendo technology head, Genyo Takeda, explained that PC is a major gaming device and Nvidia has played an important role in that and the reason they chose Nvidia for Switch was to bring PC-like high-performance for the console with minimum power consumption.

Source: Nvidia