New Breath Of The Wild Glitch Lets You Get Rid Of The Master Sword

A newly discovered Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild glitch shows that apparently, the Sword knows its way home if you drop it. The glitch was discovered by YouTuber versat13, who was able to overload the game and break it in order to make the glitch possible to create.

In order to commit the glitch, according to versat13’s video (which is entirely in Japanese), players have to overload the game’s memory management, meaning you have to make a lot of stuff happen. Too much, in fact, for the game to deal with all at once.

Versat13 was able to make this discovery by rapidly switching back and forth between a number of different arrow types and firing them at a large group of enemies in sets of three. This makes the game overload and be unable to run multiple things, such as knowing that the Master Sword shouldn’t even be able to be dropped.

Other effects of this glitch include making Link bald (can’t have those sweet hair physics if the game can’t run them after all), but by using this glitch, if Link is able to drop the Master Sword with the help of the Breath of the Wild glitch, it will proceed to shoot off and fly all the way back to Lost Woods.

While the glitch seems to take a lot to pull off, it’s still pretty amusing to see the Master Sword just float up into the air before disappearing. Not to mention it’s easily retrievable (if you don’t mind going all the way back to the Lost Woods), so you can do it without fear of screwing up your game.

If you want to see how to do this new Breath of the Wild glitch on your own, simply take a look at the video above.