Multiple Esports Organizations Exit Competitive Overwatch Ahead of Overwatch League

CompLexity Gaming and Splyce are the latest esports organizations to release their rosters ahead of the inauguration of the Overwatch League. Their announcements arrive just a couple of days after Red Reserve bailed earlier this week, with Team SoloMid departing the competitive Overwatch hemisphere over the weekend and Denial Esports dropping its entire team last week.

It is alarming to see that five major organizations made an exit in just the past week, especially when the highly anticipated Overwatch League is expected to commence proceedings later this year. It is even more worrying that they all based their departures on the same reasons, which would probably see other esports organizations follow suit.

According to the respective announcements made by each management, there is uncertainty over the game’s competitive future. This is partially because Blizzard has refused to share any concrete details about the Overwatch League until the time is right. The current tournament opportunities are already limited, but the transition into the upcoming league might make it even scarce.

Besides the lack of competitive events, there is also the matter of money. The rumored cost of purchasing a slot in the Overwatch League is far too high for most organizations. What Blizzard is basically doing right now is asking for the teams with money to trust in its business model, which remains to be properly detailed. The problem is that even major brands like Team SoloMid will have to compete with behemoth investment firms that will result in multi-million dollar contracts.

Most recently, a report suggested that New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross have both purchased the first two slots in the Overwatch League. According to Dot Esports, the former paid up to $20 million.

Leading global financial firm Morgan Stanley estimated in March that the league could generate an annual revenue of as much as $100 million. That is peanuts because at its pinnalc of success, the Overwatch League could see a massive revenue generation of around $720 million on an annual basis.