New Mass Effect Andromeda Update Will Be Coming Soon: Contents Unknown

It’s been over a month since Mass Effect Andromeda was announced, and now Bioware is ready to release a new Mass Effect Andromeda update. While we don’t know what all will be in it (Bioware hasn’t said) hopefully it will be further improvements on the game, which got divisive reactions on release.

Mainly the complaints were about a variety of bad animations and character models, which Bioware has said they were going to fix for a while now. A previous update helped to fix some of the lighting and makeup issues that had previously plagued the game and made character models look odd.

Apparently, according to an ex-Bioware employee, the game’s quality was due to a large number of conflicts between the studio’s Montreal and Edmonton locations, which had a negative impact on the game’s development.

However, there’s still a number of the odd-looking animations to consider, and we don’t know when they’ll be fixed. There’s a possibility they’ll be fixed with this new Mass Effect Andromeda update, but even though the patch is coming out tomorrow, we’ve been given no information about it.

We might get patch notes after the patch goes out which will tell us what exactly happened to the game in the patch, but until then we’ll likely just have to sit and wait to see what Bioware has done to the game. This, of course, won’t be the last patch, either.

According to Michael Gamble’s Twitter, once the patch is out they’ll be going right into making another one to make the game even better. Regardless, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to get the patch and download it, and maybe even more to finally get patch notes (or stories from people who notice how things are different in the game.)

Either way, be on the lookout for the Mass Effect Andromeda update tomorrow.