Drama Ensues as Two Players Get Banned From Tekken 7 Championship for Collusion

Justin “King Jae” Nelson and Charmel “C-Krizzle” Koloko from District G have been disqualified from the Tekken 7 Championship series in the United Kingdom.

According to Bandai Namco (via TekkenGamer), the two players colluded for their match at the Birmingham qualification tournament over the weekend. As a result, neither will be allowed to participate in the remaining qualifiers and have been eliminated from competing in the grand finals later this month.

C-Krizzle had already qualified for the next stage of the Tekken 7 Championship. However, teammate King Jae had yet to confirm his spot. Going against each other on the weekend, many from the fighting game community pointed out that C-Krizzle had threw his match on purpose to allow King Jae to qualify.

While Bandai Namco has not released any evidence, the following two clips from the match are what many believe to be the point where the players colluded. In both cases, C-Krizzle (Law) refrained from fighting back, which allowed King Jae (Gigas) to get in some meaty blows.

However, there is belief that Bandai Namco based its decision to disqualify the players solely on the outcry of the community. As far as King Jae is concerned, it was an orchestrated witch-hunt that forced the developer to make the call.

“I have participated in loads of tournaments previously and placed highly, but due to consistent online memes of me, posts on social media and dislike towards me as a person, it got out to the Americans who also wanted to persist on the matter,” he said in a statement. “I feel due to pressure from the players, Bandai Namco UK responded in a harsh manner and didn’t even approach me for my side of the story.”

Interestingly, King Jae revealed that he was told by officials to “not throw the match” before the match even started. He noted that if there was suspicions about any deal struck between the players, Bandai Namco should have stepped forward before the match.

“If they felt strongly about this without all the tweets and memes people was posting, Why didn’t they deal with it on the day?” he vented. “This has been a clear witch hunt to assassinate my name and my brand, which I’m extremely unhappy about because my morals and integrity don’t [coincide] with cheating.”

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