Dark Souls Mouse Mod Changes Controls In A Meaningful Way

Despite being considered as hardcore Action RPGs, the Dark Souls franchise hasn’t been spared from mods thanks to their presence on PC. A new Dark Souls mouse mod changes the original in such a way that it feels right at home on the platform.

Having been originally designed for consoles, the original Dark Souls had a wonky control scheme at best when it comes to playing through a keyboard and mouse. The Dark Souls mouse mod in question seeks to fix that, despite the game being more than 4 years old.

The mod’s latest update 1.4 adds a multitude of options as well as deploying fixes and changes to previous iterations of the mod.

The new version should allow players to make in-depth changes to the control scheme such as allowing arbitrary key and mouse combinations, an example given suggests spell usage by “Space+W+~+MouseWheelUp”

To further expand upon the binding customization, the Dark Souls mouse mod will also let players bind non-standard actions to specific keys as well. Using this, players will be able to bind actions such as Leap Attack, Kick or Auto Run to different keys.

Similar to the analogue sticks on a controller, the mod will also allow players to switch targets by simply flicking the mouse. The sensitivity of this mouse movement can also be altered to give a smoother experience.

A Reddit thread dedicated to the mod lists all the possibilities as well as the issues present in the mod however given how ambitious the project is, it is definitely a welcome sight to see it working so well.

Dark Souls has had some interesting mods in the past as well but none that seem to fix the numerous issues with the PC port in such a meaningful way. Previous mods have either ranged from framerate fixes to making players overpowered by putting them in the shoes of bosses.