Xbox Scorpio FPS Counter Will Not Be A Part Of The Release Console

Apparently the Xbox Scorpio FPS counter that shows up on the dev kit version of the console will not be a part of the variant that’s released to the public in 2017. The counter would allow gamers to see how many frames the game they’re currently playing is running at.

Framerate and graphics has become a very big part of the gaming industry with the increase in technology put in consoles; one of the main reasons that the Playstation 4 has sold better than the Xbox One is due to its higher resolution and framerate over the One. However, the Scorpio may be better than the Playstation 4 Pro, its direct competitor.

Then again, an Xbox Scorpio FPS counter would be of dubious value to any player besides bragging rights. Framerate and visuals something that, while mattering somewhat to gamers, matters a lot more to developers. They have to make sure that the game can run at a consistent framerate, and the counter being on the Xbox One Scorpio devkit would be a vital tool.

The confirmation that the counter would not be on the release version of the Scorpio comes from Albert Panel, the senior director of the project. He revealed that the counter would not be on the real version of the console via NeoGAF in response to various questions.

We still don’t know much about the Xbox Scorpio or when it will release beyond a vague “Fall 2017” release date. However, even though the Xbox Scorpio FPS counter isn’t going to be a part of the release console, that doesn’t mean that the Scorpio is not going to be a great console.

In the meantime, we’ll just have to wait for E3 2017 to see exactly what all the Scorpio will have in it, especially when it comes to games and framerate.