Rumor: Far Cry 5 Might Be Set In A Spaghetti Western

A new rumor has popped up saying that Far Cry 5 might be set in a Spaghetti Western, getting away from the moving way further than Far Cry Primal, the last Far Cry game that was released. However, there isn’t any official confirmation from Ubisoft about whether it’s correct or not.

The rumor apparently sprang up when someone spotted what appeared to be a live-action trailer being filmed at a church in Montana, covered by the Great Falls Tribune, a newspaper in the area. Originally it was thought to be a Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer, since that also takes place in a spaghetti-western sort of environment.

However, if it really is Far Cry 5, it’s a bit of a departure from previous Far Cry games, even from Far Cry Primal. If anything it’s the transition period between Primal and the other Far Cry games, going from bows and clubs to automatic weapons and cars.

New information has also popped up saying that the trailer was being produced by Jeff Guillot, who did a similar live-action trailer for Far Cry: Primal. While it could just be coincidence, we may actually have something to look forward to if Ubisoft really is developing a Far Cry 5.

If the company is developing a Far Cry game set in a spaghetti western, it would be something of a departure from other Far Cry games. There wouldn’t be any automatic weapons, instead likely being repeating carbines and revolvers. While those wouldn’t really cripple the experience, it would definitely be a change.

But, considering every Far Cry game lately has been “guy goes to a new place and fights a crazy person and their army of thugs”, maybe a change is necessary.

If there is a Far Cry 5 being developed, we’ll probably see its trailer at E3 2017, or sometime later this year.