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Grab ReCore At Amazon For Just $14.15 While It Lasts

Despite its technical difficulties, ReCore is one of the best action-adventure games released recently and if you did not get a chance to get the game well you can now as ReCore is now available on discount.

Amazon is offering Xbox One version of ReCore for just $14.15 which is way low compared to its normal $40 price tag. However, if you are looking to get the game on PC then fret not as the game supports Xbox play anywhere, meaning if you buy the game on Xbox One you will automatically get the game on PC.

ReCore is an action-adventure game that released last year for Xbox One and PC, however, the game faced quite a backlash from critics and gamers over its technical difficulties which included very long loading times between levels or just starting up the game.

Developer Armature studio did release post-launch updates to tackle this issue, and while the studio was able to reduce the long loading times but was unable to completely eliminate this issue. But, developers have promised that a proper fix will soon arrive in Spring 2017 which will also bring HDR support for the game.

ReCore is a third-person action adventure game developed by Armature studio exclusively for PC and Xbox One.