Quake Champions Getting Large-Scale Tech Test, Will Be Open for All

Quake Champions is currently in closed beta and if you are one those who did not get a chance to participate in it then fear not as id Software has announced that it will host a large-scale technical test for the game and it will be open to everyone.

This large scale technical test will start from May 12 just a few days from now and will end on May 21. The servers will be available 24/7, unlike the weekend tests. That open beta for the game will also bring new game mode called Sacrifice, which will be a 4v4 Team Based competitive mode where players have to work as a team in order to dominate.

Furthermore, the closed beta has an NDA that stops players to share Quake Champions gameplay or discuss it, however, with the open beta that NDA will be lifted and players will be able to discuss, stream and capture footage of Quake Champions publicly.

In related news, Bethesda has revealed that Quake Champions will feature both free-to-play model and pay-to-play model. If you don’t want to pay, you can play the standard version of Quake Champions, in which you can use one character. Otherwise, if you pay for the full version, you can have access to all the features and characters of this title.

However, in the free-to-play version of the game players will be able to unlock other heroes and skins but only for a limited time by purchasing them with in-game currency.

Also, Quake Champions has only been confirmed for PC and according to publisher Bethesda, the game is strictly a PC game and will remain that way.

You know, Quake Champions, maybe anybody else would’ve been like, ‘No, you have to do it, and it’s got to work on every platform. We were like, ‘No, it’s a PC-only thing. It’s this kind of game. It’s got to have this kind of performance, and it’s going to be on PC full stop.’ We feel very comfortable in making those calls

Quake Champions is a first-person multiplayer shooter in development at id Software exclusively for PC.