New Need for Speed Heading Our Way By the End of the Year: Ghost Games

A new Need for Speed game is coming out by the end of the year, according to Ghost Games. The developer posted on its official website and confirmed the arrival of a new game this year. Need for Speed 2017 will release on consoles and PC, presumably, in Fall 2017.

The last we saw Need for Speed was back in 2015 when the reboot came out. EA is following its promise of not allowing their franchise to go annual again by taking a break in 2016. Developers will share more about the new Need for Speed as we head closer to EA PLAY. However, they did share tidbits with us to light a fire.

Customizations are at the heart of Need for Speed and this year will be no different. Customization will play a huge part in Need for Speed this year. Moreover, intense cop chase scenes are included this year and it seems they are going to take it one step further.

Woop woop…let’s talk about cops. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting into a cop chase and feeling the heat on your tail as you tear it up through the city. Cops in pursuit, racers up ahead and then out of nowhere BAM! They bring a Rhino to a street race. You got this?

The biggest news to come out of the post is regarding the notorious always online feature. That is gone this year! Players can now pause the game and play the single player mode completely offline.

EA PLAY will give us a lot more to chew on so stay-tuned!

Source: Need for Speed