Final Fantasy VII Remake Gets The Original Cloud Strife Voice Actor

Final Fantasy VII Remake has been in development for quite some time and while the release date for the game has not been revealed but the developers have been revealing new details about the game. While this upcoming game is a remake but the original voice actor for Cloud Strife is returning to voice his character in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

While many fans would have figured by now that the original voice actors might come back for Final Fantasy VII remake but Steve Burton made it official through his Twitter account by confirming that he will be again voicing his Final Fantasy VII character, Cloud Strife.

Steve Burton has a history of working with Square Enix on a number of projects. He also lent his voice to a character in the Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children CGI film. He has been voicing his character Cloud in a number of games including Kingdom Hearts, Dissidia, and even Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.

Hope you all have a great day. Flying to LA today for the @DaytimeEmmys this Sunday and a little voice over work 4 #cloud-strife much luv

— Steve Burton (@1SteveBurton) April 27, 2017

There are also rumors circulating the internet about the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy VII. According to the rumor, the upcoming game will be released for Nintendo Switch and Square Enix will showcase the game for Nintendo Switch during its E3 presentation as Nintendo will not be present at E3.

Speaking of the game, Square-Enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy VII remake will feature action based combat instead of the command based which was featured in the original game. Game director, Tetsuya Nomura, confirmed in an interview the game will feature action based combat.

Final Fantasy VII remake is an action RPG in development at Square Enix and will launch exclusively for PlayStation 4.