AMD Ryzen 5 Is The Best CPU Launch In 7 Years, According To Survey Results

AMD is the underdog in the CPU market and the company may have been out of touch before the recent Ryzen series CPUs but that seems to be changing now. According to the new survey results, AMD Ryzen 5 is the most well-received product the company has launched in the last 7 years.

According to the survey results, 84% of individuals had a “positive” view regarding Ryzen 5. 17.5% were indifferent and 6.7% held a negative view of the product. On the other hand, only 12% had a positive outlook regarding Intel Kaby Lake while 45.3% were indifferent and 42.7% had a negative view when it came to Kaby Lake CPUs.

When asked if people were interested in actually buying the product, AMD Ryzen 7 came up on top followed by AMD Ryzen 5 and Intel Sandy Bridge. These are some very interesting numbers and it seems that Intel may face some serious competition on the market. Making a positive impression on the mind of the consumer is half the game and AMD has been successful in doing just that.

AMD Ryzen 5

We know that Intel will be releasing the new Z300 chipset along with the X299 platform ahead of time. We also know that Intel is also working on launching the enthusiast-grade Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X CPUs ahead of time as well. For the mainstream consumer, Intel is going to be releasing the new 8th generation of CPUs.

There is a lot that Intel has going on at the moment and we will have to see what kind of performance benefits the upcoming generation of CPUs will have to offer as compared to the current generation of CPUs. If the company only gives minor boosts in performance then people will shift to AMD instead.

Let us know what you think about AMD Ryzen 5 and whether or not you think it is worth buying.