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10 Things We Want to See in FIFA 18

FIFA 18 is only a few months from release and only over a month away from reveal. Publisher and developer EA is going to show the title at EA PLAY ahead of E3 week. Over the past few years the franchise was becoming stale but last year the company shifted to Frostbyte and added a number of new elements which breathes a new life into FIFA.

There are still some things that need to change and improvements that we want EA to make. Below we will be listing down 10 things we want to see in FIFA 18; changes, improvements, and additions that can make FIFA 18 a better game.

10 Things We Want to See in FIFA 18

What’s Up With the Referees?

FIFA games have a historic problem with the referees. They are too inconsistent and are often making calls that result in broken controllers. This year, we want EA to pay some attention to referees. They need to be more consistent and make calls that are fair and in accordance with the foul.

Better Free Kicks

The game also lacks consistency when it comes to moving the keeper over. Meanwhile, far post free kicks must also be a viable option.

Better Servers

FIFA servers are usually very reliable but during the lifespan of FIFA 17 there have been some reported issues. However, we are confident that FIFA 18 will feature an improved server structure.

Better Headers, Corners, and Chesting

One of the complaints from the community was that corners leave you too exposed to counters. This is because players aren’t able to get back as fast. Another issue or should I say an annoyance is that the attacker is always able to stand in front of the defender which makes it hard to nail a header. Meanwhile, chesting is really inconsistent as well.

Better Complain Animation

Whenever there is a foul on the field, the player takes too long to complain due to the animation not triggering at the right time. It doesn’t look good at all while playing the game. It effectively takes the player out of the game.

Better 45-Yard Shots

These shots are too accurate mainly because the goalkeeper AI is messed up. The AI takes too long to reach these shots which makes taking these shots very easy. EA needs to fix this in FIFA 18 and make sure players have fair, frustration-free experience.

Better Keeper Mechanics

Keeper mechanics needs to improve this year. Keeper fails to save the goal even when they dive in the right direction at the right time.  Moreover, they often find it hard to figure out when to catch or punch the ball.

Better Defensive AI

The defensive AI is little too good at taking the ball from you. This needs to change with the new installment so players can have a balanced experience and use their skills to dodge the AI, instead of falling victim to a tackle every time.

Better Skill Moves

Skill moves are inconsistent in FIFA games; some are far more overpowered while others are too slow to deliver.

More Control Over Clearance

There is no control over where the ball will land when we clear it. There needs to be more control over this instead of randomness which messes up the clearance.