The International 7 Prize Pool Hits $7 Million in Just Three Days

It took just the weekend for the passionate Dota 2 community to band together and help grow The International 7 prize pool to just under $7 million.

According to a third-party tracker, over $5 million has been raised on top of the base pot of $1.6 million. At the time of writing, the prize pool has reached $6.9 million and will probably cross the threshold in the next few hours.

In comparison to last year, the growth rate of The International 7 prize pool is ahead by twelve percent. This makes it the fastest growing prize pool in the game’s entire lifetime, setting it up to register the largest prize pool for any competitive video game in esports history.

What is even more impressive is that Valve only released the new Battle Pass three days ago. Those who purchase the Battle Pass and/or upgrade it for various rewards, contribute directly to the prize pool. Clearly, the community is finding it hard to pass on the new offerings. Players get access to a new co-op campaign, several unique items, in-game wagers, and even a new terrain for the map.

For those unaware, Valve uses crowd-sourcing to increase the prize pool of its annual prestigious tournament. The business model has so far proven mighty successful for the developer, with the prize pools steadily growing every year.

The International 6 almost hit the $20 million mark last year. Whether The International 7 prize pool will cross that this year remains to be seen. From the current rate of contributions that are piling up from across the globe, it certainly appears that a new record could be set.

The International 7 will, like before, be hosted at the multi-purpose KeyArena in Seattle, Washington. 16 of the best teams in the professional Dota 2 scene will go against one another for a share of the monstrous prize pool.