Project Scorpio Release Window “Looks Very Good,” No Issues For Now: Microsoft

Microsoft’s Xbox One continuation, Project Scorpio, is releasing later this year. According to Microsoft, the company plans to release its new console in Fall 2017. However, naturally, the community is worried that Microsoft may push the console into 2018 in hopes of countering PlayStation 5.

The last we heard of Project Scorpio was when Digital Foundry discussed its specs and how it can push 4K to 60FPS on consoles, by cutting some corners of course. Thanks to mid-gen upgrades, the traditional console cycle does not exist anymore.  While Sony is rumored to be planning the release of PS5 next year, Microsoft is still marketing Project Scorpio as a mid-gen upgrade, not as aggressively of course, which means the company would need something to counter PS5 that is expected to be more powerful than Project Scorpio.

Microsoft does not plan to push Project Scorpio release to 2018, according to Xbox Boss Phil Spencer. He stated that the release window “looks very good right now, no issue.”

Project Scorpio is for who want the absolute best version of Xbox One games. The titles released on Xbox One will run far better to Project Scorpio. Microsoft has announced its E3 2017 press event schedule where the company will discuss price, release date, games for Scorpio.

IDC’s Lewis Ward predicted Scorpio’s retail price at around $650 to $700.

I estimate the basic hardware will cost around $650, so if Microsoft wants any kind of margin at all, Scorpio will have to retail for $700 or more. If you look at the Alienware Aurora, which is a solid VR-ready PC, that currently costs about $1,000. I think Scorpio will come in below that, but how much below is unknowable at this point

Project Scorpio release window is set for Fall 2017. Do you think the company will price the console above $650? Share what you think in the comments below and let us know what your predicted price for Scorpio is.