Nvidia Volta To Be Talked About At GTC Conference Along With Official Roadmap For 2018 And Further

Nvidia Volta is the next architecture that Nvidia will be bringing to the table in order to counter AMD Vega. As of right now, we do not know how well AMD Vega will perform as compared to the current Nvidia GPUs but we do know that Nvidia has been dominating the GPU market for some time now and the company is not willing to let go of that lead yet.

Reports claim that Nvidia will be talking about Volta at the GTC conference which is scheduled for May 8 to 11. This means that the Nvidia conference will be before the AMD event where they are going to talk about Navi, Vega and Zen+. These upcoming couple of days should be very interesting and we will able to learn a couple of new things from both team Red and Green.

It is expected that Nvidia Volta will take advantage of the NVlink bus technology which has been developed with the collaboration of IBM. But this is not something that I expect to see at the consumer level. We will be able to see this technology on the enterprise scale for professional use.

As of right now, there is a big of confusion about when Nvidia Volta will come out. Some reports claim that the new architecture will come out by the end of the year but GDDR6 will be coming out early 2018 so if Volta does feature the new type of memory then it might not come out this year at all. This is something that will become clear at the conference.

From what we have seen from Pascal, we expect to see some serious performance benefits from Nvidia Volta. These upcoming days will be very interesting.

Let us know what you think about Nvidia Volta and whether or not you are willing to upgrade to the new architecture if you already own a Pascal GPU.