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More Crosshair Customization Under Consideration for Overwatch

Overwatch already features a few crosshair options, but there is nothing wrong in Blizzard adding more customization for players to choose from.

Responding on the official forums, game director Jeff Kaplan stated that the request seemed “pretty straight forward” and the development team will “see if it can get this done.”

Overwatch currently offers a few crosshairs; including the traditional dot, circle and cross. Players can choose to change their colors, and disable bloom to make sure that the crosshair does not change shape when firing. In some heroes, such as Soldier: 76, the crosshair expands to show the spread of bullets and decreasing accuracy. In addition, some heroes in Overwatch have their own exclusive crosshairs; such as Hanzo and Zarya.

It would seem enough, except that games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are on an entirely different league when it comes to providing the community with deep customization options to create their own signature crosshairs.

Several popular third-party mods allow players to adjust size and distance of the crosshair; as well as the shape, transparency, and stroke color. The amount of modifications are enough to overwhelm players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. There is no reason why the same should not be available in Overwatch.

Elsewhere, the Chinese branch of Blizzard has officially revealed the rarity odds for items received through the unlocking of loot boxes. Players are guaranteed to get at least one rare or better item from every loot box. On average, players should receive an Epic item every five or six loot boxes. On the same metric, a Legendary item is designed to drop at least once every thirteen or fourteen loot boxes.