Maradona Settles Dispute with Konami, Agrees to Promote PES 2017

Konami screwed up when it decided to include Diego Maradona, or at least his likeness, in PES 2017 without first asking for his permission.

The soccer legend was not too pleased to know that the company is profiting off his name without paying royalties. In March, Maradona threatened to sue Konami over the matter and vowed to “crack down” on the developer for its misdeed.

Today, it has been confirmed that both parties have settled the dispute and reached an out-of-court settlement. It is unknown as to how much Konami agreed to pay Maradona, but it was enough to convince the soccer icon from dragging the company into a messy lawsuit. It is also not clarified as to whether the developer will continue to use his likeness in the game or not.

However, Maradona has agreed to promote PES 2017 from now until 2020 and be part of marketing campaigns initiated by Konami. In addition, he has promised to donate some of the money to various outfits in Argentina to improve the conditions of local soccer clubs.

The outcome of the dispute makes it pretty apparent that Konami is not interested in seeing the inside of a courtroom and desperate to keep Maradona’s face in PES 2017. In fact, the studio’s digital president Takayuki Kubo event flew to Argentina to personally be part of the discussions.

PES remains as the second-best option to the behemoth FIFA franchise. Losing a legal dispute and Maradona from the game would have hurt the new installment in more than one ways.

Interestingly, when the matter was heating up a couple of months back, Konami claimed innocence and denied the accusations. It did not take long for the developer to turn the other cheek.

PES 2017 was released last September and is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.