Intel i7 8650 Benchmarks Reveal It Is 26% More Powerful And Uses 26% Less Power

We know that the 8th generation of CPUs is on its way and that Intel has turned up the dial to 11 in order to counter the AMD Ryzen threat. Although there is not much that we know about the 8th generation processors we have Intel i7 8650 benchmarks that give us some interesting information regarding the upcoming CPUs.

The U in the name tells us that this is a mobile CPU and it has been confirmed that the CPU is based on the Kaby Lake architecture rather than the Cannon Lake or Coffee Lake architecture. It is possible that mobile CPUs will be based on Kaby Lake while desktop CPUs will feature Cannon Lake or Coffee Lake but this is speculation and is unlikely.

The core clock of the CPU is 1.90 GHz and word has it that the CPUs will be able to turbo up to 4 GHz. You also get HD Graphics 620 integrated graphics that will get you by if you watch YouTube or don’t mind playing DOTA2 at the lowest settings. The improved version of  Kaby Lake will be based on the 14nm ++ process.

We expect to see Skylake-X and Coffee Lake processors to come out before the end of the year. You can learn more about the Z300 chipset along with the X299 platform that Intel will be introducing along with these new CPUs.

Previously we have seen small boosts in performance as we move from one generation to another but 26% is significant enough to justify an upgrade and seeing how this is a mobile platform we can expect much better performance from a desktop variant. Intel i7 8650 benchmarks reveal that the chip consumes 26% less power which means better battery life and no more wall hugging.

Let us know what you think about these Intel i7 8650 Benchmarks and whether or not you think it is worth the upgrade.