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Images of New Street Fighter V DLC Character Leaked, Leaves Many Dismayed

Over the weekend, internet detectives were able to unearth multiple images of the upcoming Street Fighter V DLC character from the game’s official website.

Ed appears to have been hitting the gym nonstop since the last time we saw him in the single-player campaign. He has gained a lot of muscle mass and is no longer the scrawny teenager that was training hard under Balrog.

However, Ed is not sporting the white or any hoodie from the story mode. Instead, his default in-game outfit appears to be a Shadaloo military uniform for cadets. His allegiance is unsurprising since he was already under the care of Balrog and, at one point, was chosen as a potential replacement body for M. Bison.

His appearance, though, has sparked a few debates in the fighting game community. Based on initial reactions, there are many who have expressed disappointment on the character’s design. Do note that the disdain is only for his appearance, since his set of abilities is yet to be revealed.

Ed was confirmed last month as the next Street Fighter V DLC character through a product listing on the PlayStation Store. He is said to possess some form of Psycho Powers that make his eyes glow purple when activated. According to speculation, his moves will revolve around getting in close and grabbing hold of opponents for painful slams.

Capcom already confirmed last week that it would be making the official announcement today. Expect a debut trailer to arrive that will give a brief glimpse into the fighting style of Ed.

Street Fighter V will host the second beta of its overhauled Capcom Fighters Network (CFN) from May 11-14. Unlike the first time, the second round will be free for players on both the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms. Those interested in participating will have the opportunity to try out Ed for the first time.

Both the new Street Fighter V DLC character and balance patch will be released once Capcom is satisfied with the CFN beta. It will feature the Rage Quit Penalty System, Ranked and Casual Match Loading Times, Battle Lounge Country Flags, Matchmaking Improvements, Fighter Profile Stats, Country / League Based Rankings, Friend Management System, Interactive Timeline, and In-Game Announcer Voice.