AMD Roadmaps Past 2018 To Be Disclosed On May 16th, Vega, Navi & Zen+ To Be Discussed

This has been a great year for AMD so far with the release of AMD Ryzen and the RX 500 series GPUs. There is still much more to come. We know about the AMD Vega GPUs that will be coming later this year but there is much that we still do not know about at this point. AMD Roadmaps will be revealed later this month and we will be able to learn more about what AMD has planned.

AMD roadmaps will be talked about on May 16, 2017. At the event, we will be able to learn more about AMD Vega as well as Navi and Zen+. We already know that Zen is scalable and that AMD Ryzen is based on the Zen architecture. Now that AMD Ryen 7, as well as Ryzen 5, have been released and Ryzen 3 will be coming out soon, it is about time we learn about the future of the platform.

Let me tell you that this is not a launch event for AMD Vega and that will be held later on. You can expect to see a demo maybe. AMD’s CTO Mark Papermaster, RTG Chief Architect Raja Koduri and Computing & Graphics head Jim Anderson along with AMD CEO Lisa Su will be talking about the long-term AMD roadmaps and what people can expect to see in the future.

When it comes to the graphics side of AMD roadmaps we have already seen what the Polaris architecture has to offer. The AMD RX 400 series, as well as the RX 500 series, were based on the Polaris architecture. You can expect to see AMD Vega before June this year. Next in line is Navi and there is little that we know about the architecture at this point.

There is little that we know about AMD roadmaps beyond 2018 but we should find out at the event.