Overwatch Rarity Odds for Loot Boxes Revealed for the Public

The Chinese branch of Blizzard has officially revealed the Overwatch rarity odds for items received through the unlocking of loot boxes.

According to the developer, players are guaranteed to get at least one rare or better item from every loot box. On average, players should receive an Epic item every five or six loot boxes. On the same metric, a Legendary item is designed to drop at least once every thirteen or fourteen loot boxes.

It is important to note that the Overwatch rarity odds revealed by Blizzard are for Chinese servers only. The figures are likely different in other regions, as is the pricing of items in the shop in light of varying real-world currencies.

The Overwatch rarity odds arrive just a day after the developer revealed the Hearthstone rarity odds for getting specific cards from card packs. Before that it was Valve for its Dota 2 chests and Riot Games for the League of Legends Hextech Crafting system. The developer of Crossfire has also already adhered to the Chinese regulation by releasing its rarity odds last month.

Four months ago, a new regulation was passed by Chinese authorities that forces publishers to disclose the drop rates of items in their respective games.

The ruling was enforced by the region’s Ministry of Culture to make sure that publishers are not scamming players by hiding low, unfair drop rates. Knowing the odds helps the community to decide whether they want to risk spending money on a rare or flashy item.