Nintendo Playstation Prototype Restored To Working Condition

A year ago, an engineer and console modder by the name of Ben Heck discovered what appeared to be a Nintendo Playstation prototype in the attic of a house. Now, a year later, he’s apparently been able to restore it to working condition, and he’s posted a video that shows that it works.

The Nintendo Playstation prototype, actually called the Super NES CD-ROM, was an unreleased format and peripheral for Nintendo’s Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was intended to build on the functionality of the SNES’s cartridges by allowing it to run compact discs.

The project eventually fell through, and both companies split off into other consoles. Sony’s work with Nintendo would eventually branch off into its own Playstation console, which would serve as the chief competitor for the Nintendo 64, which would use cartridges in contrast to the Playstation’s discs.

Previously, an update from Heck showed that while he could get the SNES portion with the cartridges running, the CD drive was still out of commission, however, that is now also running. Interestingly enough, he has no idea of how he got the CD drive to work; he just jiggled things around, apparently, and it started to work.

The CD drive now runs audio and game CDs, which means that, if the owners have the mind to take the thing and try to play both SNES and Playstation games, they might be able to provided the thing keeps working.

You can look at how Ben Heck accomplished this feat by looking at the YouTube video posted above in the article. While it’s far too late for Nintendo and Sony to collaborate on something like the Nintendo Playstation prototype again, it’s still a fairly novel concept that might have taken off someday. Who knows how video gaming history might have turned out with something like this?