New AMD Ryzen Microcode Update On Its Way To Expand Memory Support, Enable Automated Compatibility

AMD Ryzen is a relatively new platform but AMD is working on bringing it on par with Intel. The new AMD Ryzen Microcode Update is on its way and it will introduce support for more memory types and enable automated compatibility. We talked about how AMD needs developers to optimize games for Ryzen and here we have this update.

We heard about this update in the past weeks but it has now been confirmed by Gigabyte that the new AMD Ryzen Microcode Update will introduce 20 new memory registers, which will enable plug and play capabilities for DDR4 memory modules. G.Skill and GeIL are the largest suppliers of memory at this time.

We heard reports that claimed that memory that featured Samsung’s B die works best with AMD Ryzen and now it has been confirmed by AMD’s technical marketing lead Robert Hallock. He also talked about BIOS updates coming out that will enable out of the box support for Hynix based memory modules.

According to Gigabyte:

Just to recap these are the issue being worked on:

  • For those looking for IOMMU fixes, we are hopefully going to have an option to force boot off a specific PCIe slot. It’s not the grouping fix, but a workaround for now.
  • Disable LAN (Per request)
  • Disable Audio (Per request)
  • ROM Image update” (Being worked on with AMI, no ETA)
  • Cold boot / Won’t boot. Have to re-flash BIOS. (people have referred to this as “soft brick”)
  • AGESA 1006 – improve memory (Got high hopes for this one. Going to enable 20+ memory register)

If you are using AMD Ryzen and are waiting for the AMD Ryzen Microcode Update then you will get the best performance with the modules that feature Samsung’s B die. It is important to remember that advertised memory speeds are according to Intel standards and it can be tricky to get the same speeds on AMD Ryzen.

Let us know what you think about the upcoming AMD Ryzen Microcode Update and whether or not you are using the AMD Ryzen platform.