Destiny 2 Post Launch Content Will Be Part Of A Continuous Calendar

There will be a continuous calendar of Destiny 2 post launch content after the Season Pass goes by, according to Bungie. The stream of content will be in response to fan complaints from the previous game, where in-between DLC releases the game felt rather devoid of content, according to Activision.

There will, at first, be two expansions after the launch of Destiny 2, but after that the calendar of events will kick in. Hopefully we’ll be able to continue a lot of the activities that we can do in Destiny now, including things like the Trials of Osiris, Sparrow Racing, the Prison of Elders, and more.

While Activision and Bungie didn’t say what exactly this Destiny 2 post launch content would be once the expansions pass, hopefully we’ll get a mixture of both old and new activities. For instance, we could have Sparrow Racing along with other activities, or more variants of Crucible events such as Trials of Osiris.

The content dips and peaks between the first two DLC packs that will be coming with the game’s first two expansions will also depend on how much content there are in the DLC packs. We don’t really have any idea of what will be in those expansions, but they might focus on some of the other enemy races in the Milky Way.

Destiny 2 will be getting its gameplay reveal on May 18, where we’ll see how the game looks, how it plays, and get a bunch of other information. While there’s no telling if Bungie will give us more information about the DLC at that point, we may see something about the game at E3 as well, possibly at the Playstation conference.

In the meantime, we’ll have to be on the lookout after the game launches on September 8 on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC to see what sort of Destiny 2 post launch content we’ll be getting.