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Call of Duty: WWII vs Destiny 2, Which Shooter are You Going to Prioritize This Fall

Fall seems to be quite interesting in terms of games as Star Wars Battlefront 2, Destiny 2 and Call Of Duty: WWII will launch this fall and Of these three high profile games Destiny 2 and Call of Duty: WWII will be published by Activision and many of you must be wondering which first-person shooter to go for despite both of the games set in a different world and era.

Before we start on the topic of which shooter should you prioritize or you are going to prioritize, lets us discuss what we know about these games and what these shooters will offer. First of all, we will discuss what both games are about and then we shall compare them. Let’s begin.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a sequel to the widely popular Destiny. The game is a relatively new IP compared to Call Of Duty and is set in a distant future where humans came into contact with an entity known as “The Traveler” which lead the human race into an era of great scientific breakthroughs and increased their lifespan. However, there are others in the universe who wish to get The Traveler’s attention.

Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter at its core, however, it’s amazing shooting mechanic is complimented by some RPG mechanics that makes the experience much more better. However, Bungie is yet to reveal the gameplay for its upcoming Destiny sequel which will happen on May 18, 2017. So, basically we don’t have much to discuss its gameplay, but one thins is for sure that Bungie will definitely build upon the already amazing gameplay of Destiny.

If we have to compare, then the Destiny gameplay is quite different from that of Call Of Duty’s fast-paced shooting action. As I mentioned before the gameplay is a mixture of shooting and RPG mechanics which makes it very different from Call Of Duty.

Destiny 2 will continue the story from where Destiny left off. Judging from the trailers the tone will be a bit different from the first game and we might also get to visit the Last City on Earth which we could only see from a distance in Destiny.

The synopsis is quite simple, the Last City on Earth is under attack and it is up to the guardians to defeat the enemy and push them back and take back their city. If the recent clue from the gameplay event invitations for Destiny 2 is to be believed, then we might see a world without the light and those of you who have played the first one know the importance of light.

Game Modes
In terms of game modes, Destiny did offer multiplayer, and co-op modes. Well, basically the entire game is like a co-op mode where you can see other players running around and killing enemies. Players can make up a team and complete a mission or can go and complete raids.

However, Bungie is yet to reveal any detail about its game modes so, until they reveal anything we can only speculate.

Call Of Duty: WWII

Call Of Duty is a long-running first-person shooter franchise that started with World War 2. However, with the passage of times developers took the franchise to the modern warfare and then to futuristic, and the latter part was not praised by the fans.

However, with Call Of Duty: WWII the franchise is returning to its roots as the game will be set in World War 2 and will be boots on the ground, unlike the most recent titles in the franchise. The game will follow the adventures of the 1st Division through the World War 2.

Sledgehammer Games has not revealed the gameplay for its upcoming Call Of Duty: WWII but, if the previous entries in the franchise have taught us anything then the game will feature the same fast-paced gameplay that made the series so popular. So until Sledgehammer reveals the gameplay we can only speculate.

What little Sledgehammer Games have revealed about the game, it paints a picture that Call Of Duty: WWII will be taking some risks, like the studio has revealed that the game will not feature auto-health restoration as the game is about vulnerability.

Game Modes
In terms of game modes, Call Of Duty: WWII will feature quite a few. Aside from the single-player campaign, the game will feature multiplayer, co-op and the widely popular zombies mode.

The co-op mode is a relatively newer addition to the Call Of Duty franchise which was introduced in Black Ops 3. However, it is making a return in Call Of Duty: WWII and Sledgehammer is yet to show anything for it.

As for the multiplayer, the game will feature maps based on the iconic World War 2 locations and the multiplayer matches will feature up to 48 players, however, the devs have reduced that count to just 18 which might be for the private beta.

If I have to prioritize one of these two games then in my opinion Destiny 2 will be the game I will prioritize over Call Of Duty: WWII for its gameplay mechanics and its interesting world.

Which of these games will you prioritize this fall? Let us know in the comments.