Shadow of War Will Not Shoehorn In Established Characters

Despite being a great game, a lot of Lord of the Rings fans were worried about Shadow of Mordor and what carries over to Shadow of War, especially when it comes to linking with the established characters and universe from the books and movies.

Since the game franchise is an original creation, many fans had been worried that the developers might forcibly introduce characters to please to a wider audience. However, Monolith’s Creative VP has assured that no such thing will happen.

In an interview with Xbox Achievements, Michael de Plater mentioned that the game series will not try to shoehorn in established characters from the Lord of the Rings universe into the game.

The thing we want to avoid is the shoehorning in, if they fit the story and support the story, then we put them in. We do have some key characters from the lore, and we do have Gollum returning, because obviously Mordor, and the ring of power… it totally makes sense for him; he’s very drawn to those things. And we introduce new characters.

The story of the first game, Shadow of Mordor resonated with what Michael has said in the interview since besides some notable ones who fit the narrative, the game featured a mostly original cast and it worked really well.

However, Shadow of War will go beyond what the first game set up and bring in more characters such as the Nazgul, even expanding upon them, but the developers are confident that it will not feel forced.

For all intents and purposes, Shadow of War is shaping up to be a worthy sequel to a great game which went on to become a Game of the Year for many notable publications.

Monolith has been releasing a steady stream of information regarding Shadow of War ahead of the 22nd August release including explanations of the new Gear System in the game.

A recent video also shed some more light on the revamped Nemesis System, more of which will be explained at the upcoming E3 2017.