Destiny 2 Preorders Are Mostly Special Editions With Expansion Pass

Destiny 2 preorders are already starting to pile up, and so far it seems like the majority of customers are pre-ordering the game’s special editions, which come with the game’s Expansion Pass. With the Expansion Pass, holders will be able to get the new expansions for free, instead of having to pay for it.

While the original Destiny got mediocre reviews when it first came out, many gamers that still play the game will let you know that it got a lot better with the various expansions that came out for it over the next three years. Adding in new mechanics, new armor and weapons, new stories and missions, and new events all helped Destiny to live up to the hype of its pre-release period.

Most of the Destiny 2 preorders have been the various special editions that also give them the game’s Expansion Pass as a bonus. These are the Collector’s Edition, the the Limited Edition, and the Digital Deluxe Edition.

With these editions of the game getting the most support, it seems a lot of Destiny players know that the expansions that will come post-launch in the fall of 2017 are going to be good for the game and add in even more cool stuff. Not to mention buying the season pass is a good money-saver in the long run.

All the same, it’s still a 50-dollar expansion pass, which may make some gamers hesitate to buy it in the long run. Two of Bungie’s larger expansion passes, The Taken King and Rise of Iron, were both much more expensive than a regular expansion, which generated some controversy among the fanbase.

Destiny 2 preorders may still be pretty good, but players who don’t quite have the money to buy both the game and the expansion pass in one go should probably try and space the purchases out. After all, you can still buy the expansion pass post-release.