New Destiny 2 Gameplay Rumor Hints At Ending Light Levels

A new Destiny 2 gameplay rumor has been making the rounds lately, and is hinting at the possibility that Bungie will be doing away with Light levels in the new game. Light levels were the next step after you hit the level cap, and were dependent on your armor and weapons.

It was something of a frustrating system, as it caused players to have to grind for the best loot they could find. While it did give the game more longevity, the difficulty in finding better gear might have taken some of the fun out of the game, especially when the armor with the best Light didn’t exactly look good or give you the best protection.

If the Destiny 2 gameplay rumor turns out to be true, there would be likely be a justification for it in the game; with the Cabal’s Red Legion occupying the Last City and somehow suppressing the Traveler, Guardians may have to rely more on straight-up armor rather than Light levels. The tagline “Welcome to a world without light” has been passed around several websites.

Light is, of course, more in story terms than just how good your armor is. Light is how the Guardians have their special powers, and how they’re able to resurrect after being “killed” in battle. So, with the Cabal in control of the City, the Traveler, and the Guardians’ abilities, are in danger of being snuffed out.

While we may not know exactly how the Light system (if there is one) will work in Destiny 2, we’ll likely be finding out how the system works at the game’s gameplay reveal on May 18. Until then, Bungie is likely going to keep exactly how gameplay will be changing in Destiny 2 under wraps in order to ensure maximum surprise.

So, the Destiny 2 gameplay rumor won’t have very much longer to be tested. The game will be available September 22 for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.