Blizzard China Reveals Hearthstone Rarity Odds for Card Packs

Adhering to the new Chinese transparency laws, Blizzard has finally revealed the Hearthstone rarity odds for getting specific cards from card packs.

According to the developer, players are guaranteed to get at least one rare or better card from every pack. On average, a single Epic card should drop from every five packs. On the same metric, a Legendary card is designed to drop at least once every twenty packs.

A rough translation of the original post (via Reddit) also highlights that the Hearthstone rarity odds improve as players open more card packs. In other words, we finally have our first official nod at the game’s “pity timer.”

It is possible for a player to receive a Legendary card from the very first couple of packs. However, it is also possible for a player to not receive any Legendary card from perhaps the first dozen packs. The pity timer takes into consideration the very fact. Players keep on improving their Hearthstone rarity odds by opening more and more card packs. Hence, at one point, the game guarantees an Epic or Legendary drop.

There is a bit of confusion over whether the shared Hearthstone rarity odds are based on pity timers or not. The community is divided between the two possibilities, with many believing that the figures revealed by Blizzard are probably based on pity timers. If not, twenty packs is a lot when it comes to unlocking a single Legendary card.

Four months ago, a new regulation was passed by Chinese authorities that forces publishers to disclose the drop rates of items in their respective games.

The ruling was enforced by the region’s Ministry of Culture to make sure that publishers are not scamming players by hiding low, unfair drop rates. Knowing the odds helps the community to decide whether they want to risk spending money on a rare or flashy item.

Riot Games is one of the few major names that did not wait for the deadline of May 1 to pass. Last month, the developer released the drop rates of its Hextech Crafting system in League of Legends for China. Before that, it was the developer of Crossfire that adhered to the regulation by releasing its odds. Most recently, it was Valve for Dota 2.